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Top 10 Most Bizarre Insurance Claims Ever

Sometimes people misuse their insurance policies and got in to trouble! These 10 insurance claims are more funny than severe in nature. Losing you phone in the rear of a Cow or using Phone’s vibrator for pleasure! There are many people who will always entertain you with their presence.! Click next below to find out!

19 Most Amazing and Extra Ordinary Table Ideas

No house is complete without the finishing touches that makes it a home and beautiful yet unique furniture plays a vital role in providing these finishing touches. Pajampapaers has collected some of the most amazing and unique ideas for tables for your next home decoration plan.

10 Celebrities That Insured Their Bodies For Millions Of Dollars

We insure our homes, our cars and our lives; however, when it comes to Hollywood and fashion industry, some super stars have so much more at stake. Powerful singing voices, quads and even smiles come at a price. If anything ever happened to their vocals, legs or killer smile, they would be out of a paycheck. Therefore,