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Top 10 Most Bizarre Insurance Claims Ever

Sometimes people misuse their insurance policies and got in to trouble! These 10 insurance claims are more funny than severe in nature. Losing you phone in the rear of a Cow or using Phone’s vibrator for pleasure! There are many people who will always entertain you with their presence.! Click next below to find out!

World’s 60 Most Beautiful Currency Notes

Every country is represented by the type, form and color scheme of its currency notes. It represents the culture, identity, religion, history and social values of the nation. We have here listed 60 beautiful currency notes of different countries of the world:

Top 10 Countries with Highest Salaries

United States of America stands out with the Highest Salaries in the World. It is the biggest exporter and importer of Merchendize of the World. On average annual income in USA is around $56,000 with tax rate of 23.76%. USA is also one of the richest country in terms of Natural Resources and Minerals. Lets

10 Bad Habits of a Professional Banker

Bad Habits of a Professional Banker, that actually kills a banker’s career and growth? 10 most common bad habits of a professional banker which directly hits the career growth. Click Next to read..